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October 24, 2019


You are now viewing the Simple Slates content section which is free and accessible to everyone! Here we will be posting updates and site news that is important to get out to our customer base. At some point in the future we will also be expanding to an opinion based sports blog to keep the energy here fun and exciting. Our goal for the content section is to provide our customer base with content that they can enjoy reading and discussing. Once this gets going to its full potential, we fully expect this to be one of your favorite sections on the website. 

If you do enjoy the blog, we hope you will take the time to check out the available access passes on Simple Slates. We offer a wide variety of available passes, starting with just a simple day pass for those that don’t want to make any long term commitment. An annual pass may suit our more commitment friendly customers better, and will come with a steep discount on the weekly cost. All of our pass holders, regardless of which pass you have will have the chance to review our DFS Training Course (releasing mid-March 2020). One of our core goals is to help our clients have a deeper understanding of DFS concepts and strategies. The training course is how we plan to accomplish that. This course will cover all of the essential skills and strategies you will need to make DFS a hobby that works for you. Our annual pass holders will also have the opportunity to enter Simple Slates private DFS  prize events at some point in the future as well.

Ultimately we don’t want our customers to blindly agree with our favorite plays and pivots, we want to show you how we made those choices so you can better understand how our plays are selected. We are wrong plenty, and don’t ever want someone to feel like our plays are the only plays that can be made. Between the DFS Training Course and the Simple Slates Contests, we expect all of our users to have the confidence to make a switch when they see a play they do not agree with.  

Please comment below with any ideas you have, or anything you would like to see on the website. Please keep in mind however that our primary goal on Simple Slates is to keep things simple! There are already too many sites out there that are hard to navigate and offer pages on pages of stats and analytics. We want our setup to remain user friendly and simplified to the fullest degree.

To conclude this first blog post, we would just like to say enjoy your time here on Simple Slates. We are excited to have you be apart of our community and cannot wait to make money with you. Good luck, play smart, play simple, cash out!


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  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in the service you offer. However, I have a few questions:

    – What time are the slates released / published?

    – Do you recommend slates specific to type of play (larger player, smaller wager games vs double ups)?

    – Do you recommend slates specific to game types (Showdowns and full slates)?

    – Do you provide a tailored lines up or is it a pool of recommended players?

    – Can I see a full post of a historic or current days plays / slate?

    Apologies if this is a lot to ask but this is my first venture into something like this and being non US (so DK only) the timings of this are also important to see if it is viable

    • Hey Luke! Slates are released well before lock, the time varies though as injury news comes out, so make sure before lock you are checking our @simpleslates Twitter account as we live Tweet if anything on the site gets updated. For contests it really depends on bankroll. If you want to start off small and increase your bankroll, we recommend double ups. It is nice to build capital doubling your money every night then go for some GPP take downs (GPPs are tournaments). We provide information regarding NFL single games (showdown) and main slates, for NBA we only really focus on main slate. We provide you with our core plays and pivots to give you the best options for when you build lineups as some variances of the players we provide can be used to give you leverage in ownership. In regards to your last question, our Twitter account has videos (of Dom) recording the articles posted for each past slate if that is what you are referring to! Hope this helps!


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