Customer Support

Please be advised that this is related to account support ONLY. If you need DFS or Slate assistance you will need to contact Twitter support @SimpleSlates or use the Discord Server if you are an annual subscriber. Also please check out our FAQs section as many answers may already be available to you.


To the right you will find some of the most common questions we receive as well as the answers to those questions. If you still need assistance following review of this section, please use the form below to contact our customer support. Please allow up to 24hrs for a response. If your request is time sensitive please contact Twitter support @SimpleSlates.

I purchased a pass and cannot access the slate.

This happens from time to time. There are generally two causes of this issue. The first is due to an issue with PayPal communicating back to the website following your purchase, which causes it to get stuck on pending on our end. In other rare instances it may be related to using the website from your phone and having your phone browser hold onto an older cached version of the website. Customers using Safari please view the next tab for a known issue relating to that browser.

Prior to contacting support, please attempt to clear your browser cache. If that does not resolve the issue then we recommend filing a ticket with customer support using the form below and someone will assist you as soon as possible. It is usually a very quick fix.

Known issue with Safari browser.

The Safari browser that is the default browser on Apple products does not play nice with many sites that require you to fetch new versions of the same page on a website frequently. This is due to the aggressive caching that Safari does in order to appear to provide a faster experience than other browsers. Here is an article detailing the issue and some possible fixes.

You can also go to Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security > Block All Cookies and make sure that setting is disabled. Not allowing cookies will create multiple log in issues. Next please go to Advanced>Website Data and remove any data associated with to clear your cache. If you are unable to do that you can also simply download Google Chrome for free and use that browser.


I forgot to cancel my access pass before it was re-billed.

We can definitely relate to the situation, as almost everyone has forgotten about a pre-authorized payment or two in their lifetime. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds in this situation as it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to cancel if they choose. Please refer to our Refund Policy page for more details.

My slate was ruined by injury or last minute change.

Unfortunately we have no way to force athletes to play. These situations come up from time to time and are impossible to avoid completely. As much as we can understand your frustration, and can relate as it affects our slate as well, there is nothing that we can do about it. Fanduel does not offer compensation for it, so neither do we. The best advice we can offer is lets bounce back the following slate.

I have a question related to the slate or DFS strategy.

Awesome, we love answering those questions. To get a response please tweet or direct message @SimpleSlates on twitter. The customer support tickets only deal with technical issues on the website (such as not being able to access something), billing related questions, or pre-purchase questions. For anything content related you will want to contact @SimpleSlates. 

I don't see my question listed here. What should I do?

You should definitely fill out the form below and you should receive a response very shortly. In rare instances it may take up to 24 hours for a response, it usually happens within a very short period of time however.

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