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May 18, 2020


Back in March, the players of Major League Baseball agreed to accept a prorated amount of their salary upon baseball’s return. This was a big olive branch extended by the athletes that goes a long way to facilitating the return of America’s traditionally favorite game.

It is not often you see an entire group of Athletes willing to accept a pay cut to make things easier on ownership. An athlete’s career is short lived in relation to other types of employment, so generally they need to maximize their value in a shorter period of time.

There is an old saying regarding taking a mile when given an inch, and that is what the players are being met with, according to the new proposal submitted by MLB owners. In this proposal the owners have indicated that they would like to split revenue with the players 50/50. This comes after their projections showed that they would be splitting 80/20 with the lion’s share going to the players under the original prorated salary agreement discussed in March.   



At face value, 50/50 sounds as fair as it can get. Equal split, right down the middle. Once you do the math from the player’s perspective however, you will see that they are actually losing much more money under this model.

Would the owner’s be losing money under the 80/20 split? After they pay the salaries of everyone involved in the organization, it would be safe to assume yes. That’s perfectly fine however. They are the employer, and any losses the business generates should sit squarely on their wallets.  

Could you imagine a place of business in the everyday world asking their employees to subsidize the revenue they lost while they were closed down for a period of time? 

“Sorry Jim, we were closed for three months and lost potential sales. To compensate us for the money we didn’t make, we can only pay you $7.50 per hour, instead of  your normal $15.00, for the remainder of the 2020 calendar year.”



When returning gets stalled by what is surely going to require an enormous amount of negotiation, it will probably result in the owners attempting to create a narrative that the players don’t care enough about the fans to accept less money. 

Don’t take the bait. The players have already made concessions far beyond what they would be required to make if they were employed in any other field. It is the owners attempting to avoid the responsibility of business ownership and pass some of their losses along to the employees. It is absolute greed in its purest form.

What do you think, should the players play for the love of the game? Or should the owners accept that some of the millions, or even billions, of dollars they have made on the backs of their talent is going to have to vanish to secure the future profits they will once again make when everything runs smoothly again?

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