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Written By: SimpleSlates

November 28, 2020

Hard Work Pays Off


When you think of DFS, you mainly think of the three mainstream sports that have made the hobby so well known which include the NFL, MLB, and NBA. The exponential growth of DFS over the years has turned the hobby into an extra source of income for some people, and a full time job for a select few. The big money is found in those three mainstream sports, as they are the most popular throughout the US, but with the saturation of so much info, the edge is slipping more and more. There are so many resources that can be used to build the perfect lineup in your eyes, or even a world-class optimizer that builds it for you. People with a lot of money to lose (and hope to win) have no problem allowing a robot that uses raw metrics to build them a lineup based off of simulations said optimizer produces with all of the allocated stats it has within its database. These optimizers are used all throughout the mainstream sports in DFS, and are now expanding to smaller niche DFS sports ranging from eSports to NCAA. What we here at Simple Slates have noticed is that if you take some time to dig up some of the hard to find statistics about these niche sports, you can capitalize in head to head contests very easily. 


Forget Tournaments


To be completely honest, the tournaments are not very up to par with these smaller niche sports. There aren’t anything that pay nearly as much as the mainstream sports for obvious reasons. In the single entry realm of GPP’s, there are some smaller buy in contests, none that pay out anything too ridiculous, but still nice to enter. There is typically one solid MME contest that pays a grand or so to first, so to throw a lineup in there is always fun just in case you manage to catch lightning in a bottle. However, when you are playing these niche sports, head to head contests, as well as three to five man contests, are where the money is at. From what we have noticed is that each head to head is essentially just a 1v1 or 2v2 in terms of players within the build you face. It legitimately comes down to just a single pivot to determine who wins. The information in which you dig for is what can make that one single pivot so detrimental. Now you may be thinking this is how every head to head works, just having that one different player who does better than their one player, but the difference is, finding the piece of information that merits your one difference to be the winning piece. 

We Got You


If you follow our Twitter (@SimpleSlates), you are well aware of our domination in niche sports. Ranging from CFB to CS:GO to overseas in the UCL, we have been absolutely crushing these past two weeks. Here at Simple Slates, we are going to be offering a miscellaneous sports package that covers each and every niche sport in DFS. Something to keep in mind that every single day there may not be a ‘playable’ slate. With these niche sports, some slates are just awful to play money on. There are instances that when digging for information about something, you can’t actually find anything about what you’re looking for. This happens quite a bit, especially in college sports for smaller schools, and can make it difficult to construct lineups. We want everyone to keep in mind who has been eager to jump on the niche sports train that it is better to save your money on slates that are a bit uglier than others. We hope that everyone is excited for the arrival of niche sports to Simple Slates as we hope to continue to print all of our members money in a whole new way!

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