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March 3, 2020


Why Was The Course Created?

As discussed in the article a few days ago that explained some of the changes on the website, we have more things in the works and they will be released in waves over the course of March 2020. We are calling this wave the “educational wave” as it refers to our comprehensive DFS Training Course. This course is a ten part series that highlights each important aspect of playing daily fantasy sports.

We did attempt to have something along these lines at launch, but at the time we had limited it to only those customers that went with the annual subscription. The reason we did that at the time was that we were under the impression that if we just gave everyone that information, there would be no reason to use our service. We could not have been more wrong.

Over the last few months we had noticed a trend, the customers that knew more about what they were doing with DFS performed better and handled losing more effectively when the slumps occurred. The customers that performed better and were able to manage their way through the bad nights, had a better experience. The customers that had a better experience were 42.8% less likely to send us messages wishing us bodily harm on the nights we lost. What can be gained from that is that when everyone has the knowledge, it benefits everyone involved. So we decided to make the information we offer available to every single access pass holder, regardless of the length of access your pass grants.

What Is The DFS Course?

We had one more slight problem unfortunately. The information that we had posted at launch wasn’t exactly written with the inexperienced players in mind. It was created with plenty of DFS language and tactics that we just assumed everyone was familiar with. On top of that, quite a bit of it was hard to follow and needed to be written in a way that would allow the reader to flow through it.

So we got to work. We have now created a 10 part DFS Training Course that is very detailed. It teaching the process of DFS from start to finish, starting with what DFS actually is, and going all the way through to what to do if you need help with a gambling addiction. Terms and concepts are fully explained in detail. It essentially goes through all of our thought processes when it comes to daily fantasy sports. The ten parts to the course are;

  1. What Is DFS?
  2. How Can I Play DFS?
  3. What Contests Should I Enter?
  4. Bankroll Management
  5. Lineup Construction
  6. MLB Lineups
  7. NBA Lineups
  8. NFL Lineups
  9. Game Scripting & Stacking
  10. Don’t Lose Your Shirt!

How Do I Access The Course?

The DFS Training Course comes included with any access pass purchase and can be found HERE. If you need to purchase an access pass you can do so in our STORE. There is no requirement at all for the length of the pass you purchase. Even a single day pass will get you access to the course long enough to read through it.

Speaking of day passes. You may want to go ahead and throw us a like on FACEBOOK, we might just release a promo over there for day passes in the near future.

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