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Written By: SimpleSlates

October 24, 2019


Dom first started playing DFS in 2017, and like most new players he only thought one thing. He thought he was going to play the most contrarian players, so he would have the lowest owned players at every position. Then he would hope they all do insanely well so he could win a million dollars. Dom proceeded to lose with such conviction it could have been molded into a religion. He was playing reckless all around. One of his favorite hobbies during this time was making new FanDuel deposits. Eventually he got tired of losing and decided to take some time off.

When the 2018 NFL Season came around, he decided to start playing again and promised himself he would stick to a budget of $50 per slate. He also decided that he would diversify his contests better and make sure to hedge himself in cash games. He had done the research, listened to the podcasts, read the blogs…he was ready. Dom would stay even for most for most of the 2018 season with both NFL and NBA. 

Regardless of the money Dom had won or lost, it paled in comparison with what he had learned during this time. In those two years, he was a novice. He was totally clueless. He was trying to be too different on some nights, or eat too much chalk other nights. He was all over the place, and it showed.


Just prior to the 2019 NFL season, Dom met Mat and a beautiful bromance was born. Mat helped Dom refine the skills he had learned, and apply them in a fashion that was more practical. Before you know it, Dom was withdrawing thousands (that’s plural) from his DFS account each week. They started constructing lineups together, and bouncing ideas off of one another. There is an old saying that ‘iron sharpens iron’ and in this pairing it proved to apply. Mat and Dom clicked on a whole new level when working together and the results rewarded them for their efforts.

What was once a hobby for Dom quickly became something he could turn a consistent and impressive weekly profit from.


Dom shared this story with you, because he understands that a lot of people are lost when they first start playing DFS. He was and as we stated above – his bankroll felt every bit of pain he did. That is why he and Mat decided to start Simple Slates. They know the mistakes that can be made, and the feeling of being overwhelmed that DFS can create. Simple Slates was created with the mission of simplifying the process for all of its users.

We hope you enjoy your time here on Simple Slates, and maybe make a friend or two like Dom made a friend in Mat. Then when you become friends, make some money too!


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  1. Very interested, not very familiar with the style of play.

    • Hello Andres, Thanks for your comment. This is for Daily Fantasy Sports and the style of play is fairly simple. You can learn how to play on FanDuel and then give our Daily Pass a shot to get our core plays and pivots.


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