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Written By: SimpleSlates

March 11, 2020


The post today is intended to give a great big thank you and congratulations to the winners of the first ever Simple Slates satellite tournament. We shot for 20 people in the first event and fell very short unfortunately, and were only able to fill 7 seats. If you are an annual member and did not participate please let us know why in the comments.

This will give us the opportunity to refine the process to be something that appeals to more people. Was the $10 entry too much? Did you not get the email? Didn’t see the tweet, Facebook post or article? Whatever the reason, please share it with us so we can make this more fun our users.


The main thing we want to make sure going forward is that we are not entering a lineup in future tournaments. We unfortunately need to fill a slot in order to be able to host it, but we shouldn’t have entered a lineup so we can guarantee we finish in last place going forward. It was an oversight on our end and we will be incorporating the $21 we won into future events. We will also be extending the guaranteed seats into the monthly event to include the fourth place finisher from this event.

One other thing that we noticed was that multiple people played the exact core plays that we posted. This isn’t really a problem exactly, but just something worth talking about. While we appreciate that players had enough confidence in the plays we chose, it will all but guarantee that every single tournament has multiple people finishing together in the satellites, being somewhat counterproductive to the spirit of the events.

If you still want to enter our core plays, so be it, we obviously cannot stop you. We would guess however that you will be doing so at your own expense however, guaranteeing a group tie in the event those plays hold up, and guaranteeing a group loss if they don’t. It is basically the optimizer effect on a smaller scale.

On to the congratulations however…


The three winners from our first satellite not only took their share in the cash prizes but also are now guaranteed a seat in our first monthly tournament, which you can read about HERE. The winners are;

3rd Place: KyleDziew

2nd Place: znolan

1st Place: asmurr1324

Please keep an eye on your email box and white list Simple Slates as a sender. You will be receiving an early invite via email to ensure you have enough time to claim your seat in the monthly event before we email blast every annual member.

Thanks a ton for playing and congratulations!



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