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Written By: SimpleSlates

October 10, 2020

High Expectations

Coming into the 2020-2021 NFL Season, I, like many others, always compose a list of hot takes well before the first week of the regular season. When the Cowboys finally got rid of Jason Garrett and brought in Mike McCarthy, in terms of fantasy, I knew that entire offense was going to be about as potent as ever when it comes to scoring. My hottest take about the team was them actually being the number one seed out of the entire NFC. I guess you could say I am one for two – I nailed the idea of their offensive production going through the roof, but, it is for all the wrong reasons. Ironically, my other take was them winning the entire NFC due to how efficient their offense would be, but their offense is only efficient when they are losing by two or more scores and Dak and company stat pad in garbage time. What’s even more ironic than that, is the reason the defense is so lackluster is because of the same person who makes the offense so prolific – Mike McCarthy. Dak is now dealing with everything Aaron Rodgers had to deal with. If Rodgers arm couldn’t keep the Packers in the game, it was pretty much game over. Dak is now in that exact same boat.

Now as much fun as it is to slander NFL coaches, let’s take a step back and thank Mike McCarthy. Here at Simple Slates, we have already capitalized on the Cowboys offense multiple times in this early season to help win our members some money. I think I got another hot take in me, and I am going to throw it to all of you right now – At least one Cowboy should be in your DFS lineup every week for the entire year.

A BINGO Free Space

In terms of Main Slate, I don’t think it is possible to not roster at least one Cowboy if you aren’t completely game stacking them. Truthfully, I think Dak Prescott naked every week could almost be as effective as playing Lamar Jackson naked last year. Everyone in that Cowboys offense touches the ball, the distribution is there, so the ability to play Dak with no other Cowboys is honestly very viable as Dak doesn’t force feed touchdowns to one receiver. If we are being honest, how could he? The firepower on that entire offense is absurd. Amari Cooper, arguably a top five wide receiver in the league, one of the greatest route runners, always draws so much attention from defenses. If he is too busy being covered, Dak can look the way of Michael Gallup, another nicely sized, outside the numbers wide receiver, who is also a rather efficient route runner, but can really make big plays if the Cowboys are trying to force the ball down field. We can’t forget rookie sensation Ceedee Lamb either. He has found his home in the slot and is quickly developing a great chemistry with Dak. All three of those wide receivers are efficient playmakers and all get a fair amount of usage in the offense which sometimes can make it a bit more difficult on picking out which ‘one’ is truly worth the roster spot in your lineup. The crazy thing is, we haven’t even talked about the best weapon on offense they have – Ezekiel Elliott. As I said, Dak naked is viable this year, but, if you want to stack another QB/WR tandem, the best one off from the Cowboys week to week is always going to be Zeke. Zeke has earned the title of being ‘matchup proof’ as it doesn’t matter what defense is in front of him, or what the game script is, he will always get his workload and be on the field.

Don’t be Dumb – Follow the Trend 

There is no such thing as having ‘too much of a lead’ in football, everyone knows that. The offense is always going to try to put points on the board every single possession to ensure they have the largest lead possible. As for the Cowboys, their motto is ‘there is no lead we can’t catch up to but we still are going to lose’. As long as the Cowboys defense fails to give the team the ability to play from ahead, there is no reason to not have at least one of the studs in your roster.

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