2020 Quarterback Class

Written By: SimpleSlates

April 24, 2020


Now that the dust up of the first round is over, we thought it would be fun to predict the success of each rookie QB drafted last night. It could take a few seasons to get a real idea of whether or not they are progressing, but below are our expectations for each QB in relationship to the others drafted in the first round. 


Herbert was the least talented QB of the projected first rounders going into the 2020 NFL Draft. He has extreme accuracy issues, along with a hitch in his throwing mechanics that could prove to be difficult to overcome at the NFL level when milliseconds matter. Herbert was selected 6th by the Chargers.



There is a solid chance that you are not a fan of the placement we gave Tagovailoa, especially if you happen to be a fish fan. The Dolphins scooped up Tua with the 5th pick. Coming from Alabama it is always really hard to grade talent because of the insane level of talent on the team year after year, but Tua did seem to struggle when the run game wasn’t flowing and that is a bit of a concern. Add his injury history into the mix and it leaves the door wide open for a disappointing pick.



Jordan Love is the polarizing pick of the top 4 quarterback prospects. He could very easily be number 3 on this list, with only Herbert being more of a disappointment. If he manages to achieve his ceiling however, this pick could be the home run the Packers were looking for at the 26th pick when they traded back into the first round. The landing spot could contribute to his success, being able to learn behind Rodgers for a few years should help.



There was no surprise with the first pick of the draft when the Bengal’s selected Joe Burrow. Burrow may be the most sure thing since Andrew Luck and will be heading into a great offensive situation surrounded by weapons. Hopefully the lack of defense and offensive lineman in Cincinnati doesn’t hurt his career early on much the way that it did for Andrew Luck.  



With only one day down in the 2020 NFL Draft, there are still a handful of available Quarterbacks to keep an eye on. Here is a list of who we think is the best remaining;

  1. Jake Fromm
  2. Jacob Eason
  3. Jalen Hurts

It is worth noting that if these players were drafted on day one, they would all be ranked above Herbert. Fromm would also be ahead of Tua on our list as well. But that is just our simple minded opinion.

Comment below with your ranking of the drafted Quarterbacks.


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