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What is Simple Slates?

Simple Slates takes the guesswork out of playing daily fantasy sports by using raw data to compile plays that will help put you in a position to win. Our service is for anyone serious about playing on FanDuel or DraftKings that does not want to spend hours comparing statistics and trends. Save time and energy with a Simple Slates access pass today!

What sports does Simple Slates cover?

Our service covers the three major sports; MLB, NBA, and NFL. We do not however participate in the NFL Pro-Bowl slate and may periodically exclude certain slates within those sports when we decide that they make winning more difficult than normal.

What sites does Simple Slates offer plays for?

We provide our plays and pivots based on FanDuel and DraftKings. Beyond that you are able to use our player pool if you need to construct a slate for a different service, but you will have to calculate the salary on your own. 

Does Simple Slates win every night?

We do not. In fact, no one does. Daily fantasy sports is gambling and maintaining a grasp on that reality is crucial to being successful. There are instances where something out of our control will alter a particular slate such as injury or under performance, and once in a while we are just plain wrong.

Does Simple Slates teach me how to play DFS?

Yes, in fact that is one of the core goals of our website. Not only do we want to provide you with our core plays and pivots, but we also aim to give you the tools and confidence to make your own pivots when you think you should. Make sure to check out our DFS Course after you choose your membership.


Select An Access Pass

Simple Slates offers multiple ways to access the content on the website. Below you will find our all-inclusive VIP Passes that include the slates for every sport that we offer, both now and in the future. If you are only interested in a specific sport, you can click the link on the top menu to view the available passes for that particular sport. We even have day passes available for players that aren’t ready to commit long term.  

Why are the long term passes so much less per week?

We appreciate when you are willing to commit to us long term so we do our best to encourage you to make that commitment with great pricing!

Can you upgrade your pass at any time?

You definitely can upgrade to a better access pass at any time you choose, however we do NOT offer any upgrade pricing directly. If you are interested in upgrading at any time please contact us via the support page.

Are all the passes on auto-renew?

With the slight exception of day passes, yes, all of the passes are set up on a recurring payment schedule either weekly, monthly, or annually. This agreement is made directly with PayPal as they handle all of our billing as a third party.

If I don't win can I have my pass money back?

Absolutely not. As stated earlier on the page, daily fantasy sports is gambling and it is important to keep that in perspective. The first rule of gambling is; DON’T WAGER ANYTHING YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE! We cannot guarantee you any particular results.


Real Customer Reviews

We ask our customers to tweet us their results on a regular basis because nothing is more rewarding for us than seeing how the information on Simple Slates has managed to help money find its way into our customer’s pockets. Below you will see examples of real people, that won real money, on real slates using our service.